A universal language...

There's even a secret cryptic language of the fan, depending on its position and orientation - open or closed, in the left or right hand, touching the left ear, or the cheek, or the chest.

Long before modern communications & social networks, the art of using a fan and its language made it possible to express moods, from banter to declarations of love, in a language all its own.

This code expresses love, indifference, disdain or jealousy.

To be discovered without moderation...

The mysterious and picturesque language of society

Elegance and refinement

Throughout the world and over the centuries, fans have played a role in society, and it would be a mistake to believe that fan art is only a gestural art.

It is also an element of representation with the subject that adorns the object.

Lady with fan

Gustav Klimt 1917

In Klimt's painting, the way the woman holds her fan means

"you've earned my love".

The identity of this young woman seems to be one of Gustav Klimt's favorite music-hall dancers.

A few signs...

Placing it near the heart meant "you've earned my love", moving the fan between the hands, "I hate you", sliding it down the cheek to the chin, "I love you", placing it on the lips, "kiss me". lips, "kiss me".

There are some thirty codes...

Instruments of seduction

The language is a code based on the position and movements of their fans, which thus became instruments of seduction.

To help you get to know all the signs, a fan language is offered with each of my creations.