The trades of the fan maker expressed through my creations

After a career in show business and tour management around the world, in 2019 I decided to settle in the Pays d'Auge.
This region, which has been awarded the "Pays d'art et d'histoire" label, seduces me every day with the charm of its landscapes and its quality of life.

The profession of fan maker has become an obvious choice for me.

Combining my many years of passion for this everyday and collectible object with my desire to share my creativity, my artistic soul and the inspirations of my travels.

Trained by one of the world's 3 master "éventaillistes", I hone my skills in traditional and ancestral techniques, for creations in perpetual development, through all the "trades" that a "éventailliste" has to perform...

From the search for fabrics and materials, accessories and frames... to the reflection, design, manufacture and assembly to finish the work on the loom and carry out the finishing operations... passion is omnipresent!

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